pic: Name the Mentor Round #4: Picture #2

Andy Baker?

one of these days, this guess will be right.

Dave Lavery?

Mike Faticanti

This one is tough.

Looking at the picture quality, shoe type, style of pants, and the act of skateboarding, I guess that this picture is from the mid to late 1970’s. The age of the person in the picture seems to be a late teen or early 20-year-old. Today’s age of that person would be around 45-50. Mike might be that old, but I am not sure.

Andy B.

Dave Lavery

Ken Stafford

Wow, I was gonna go with Jeff’s answer cause that looks like a real posibility, but I shall guess a different person:

Al Skierkiewicz?

Dean Kamen - inventor, skateboarding pioneer.


i see a mini Raul.

Raul Olivera

A wild and crazy Raul

Ken Stafford?
If this is right I’ll be very suprised

Raul’s a crazy guy, I’ll jump on the bandwagon.

I can’t see Andy Baker doing this, so I’ll say Raul.

Looks like a side view of Dave Lavery. Not that he would do anything like this.

I’ll go with Raul.

looks like i’m joining the naming game a little late… but owell.

i say Dave Lavery.

don’t have a clue on this one but I’ll go with Raul

My first thought was Dave Lavery, and I’m gonna stick with it.