pic: Name the Mentor Round #4: Picture #3

Tom Schindler?

Big Mike

Thumbs up to Travis Covington.

Andy B.

Brandon Martus?

I’m gonna agree with Lisa… Brandon Martus?

Dave Verbrugge?

Picture was taken May 1988 of someone named Dave based on the right side of the picture…Flowerday, is that you?

Wow this was a bit harder than expected, but my guess is David Kelly.


I’ll go with Dave Flowerday

Travis Covington…all the way

Dave Flowerday

I’ll go with Flowerday too.

Does anyone else think that that thing inside the drag like circle on the left, on top of the drawers, looks like an ipod?

I’ll go with Dave Flowerday.

Dave Flowerday. some sort of a Dave at least.

Dave Flowerday

paul copioli (yeah jack knows what i am talking about)

Ok, I’ll go with Dave. I would go with Brandon but it says the birthday is Dec 22 and Brandon’s isn’t, so Dave it must be

The bulletin board says both “Dave (A?)” and “Brandon” … but the kid himself screams “Paul Copioli” at me.

So my guess is Paul Copioli.