pic: Naptime at Beantown Blitz

Here's a picture of the referees lounging before semifinals began.

This was just before Alliance Selections took place i think, most of us were incredibly tired. Marc P, Jeff Rodriguez, Corey Jones, Lisa Rodriguez and myself all came from the Rodriguez household, at about 5 AM. So we were all exhausted. With no spare refs(which we figured would happen) we were on our feet all day, and were completely fatigued.

Let’s see if i can name all the people in the picture…
Dave Goric-Bottom Left-Was the head ref for BTB
Aaron Lussier-Red Shirt laying perpendicular to the bottom of the shot(Head Field Reset)
Jon K-Other red shirt laying down with his head cutoff
Jeff Rodriguez-Right next to and Parallel to Aaron
Caitlyn G from WPI-Only one sitting up in the picture
Corey Jones-Laying down in the Tetra
Courtney T from WPI-Laying parallel to the Tetra Corey is in
Lisa Rodriguez-Laying perpendicular to myself-can barely see her
Myself-laying with my knees up next to the centerback tetra

Ref not pictured…Marc P…of course, since he is too cool for us. :stuck_out_tongue:

But, to make up for it, another Nonnebotter (Team 38er) is pictured. Alex Olsen is standing over the crowd of downed refs - Doing a victory dance maybe, or is that The Chicken Dance??? :ahh: :rolleyes:

this is just funny guys! sweet dreams lol…dreaming probably about their fav team winning lol…cap those tetras…

Is jealous and wishes to roll out a nap sack, just like in kindergarden

Don’t you just miss those days when teachers UNDERSTOOD a kids needs??? lol

As cool as I am, that wasn’t why I’m not in the picture. I was running off to the volunteer lounge to nab something to drink. It only took 30 seconds to find a bottle of water, and I was on the floor with the rest of you just after this picture was taken.

(I couldn’t have gone far anyway, my segway is standing there in the background :o )

As Corey said before, we had just enough refs (which is fun) but ALL i wanted to do was SIT DOWN, and since no one was on the field, we just layed. I’m so excited someone got a picture of it!
Corey also made a good pillow.

Anyone got any other pictures? PM me, i want some!

I have more pictures that I plan on posting (sometime) after I catch up on sleep. THANK YOU everyone who volunteered at the Beantown Blitz, you guys were great!