pic: National Anthem performance at MN 10,000 Lakes Regional

Team 2502 had a trumpet trio performance of the National Anthem on Saturday morning.

Arrangement was done by myself.

From left to right is Isaac Urbanski, Phil Kittock, and Keehun Nam (me)

I’m happy we didn’t mess up :slight_smile:

Arrangement was done by myself.

Wow, that must have been thrilling, inspirational, and amazing.
An arrangement of any piece is no easy feat and the National Anthem is no exception.

Do you have a video/recording of it? I would love to hear it.
Congratulations to all of you for that contribution to your event.


That has to be the classiest performance I’ve seen at any regional yet. Nice work.

Thank you! It was very thrilling… It was the first time I’ve played in front of so many people. But knowing how generous, forgiving, and gracious all the people in the stands were, it made me less nervous.

Yeah, it took me a while to write it and I took many different cues from a lot of different recordings that I heard. It was a very fun experience. I worried a lot about the respect/disrespect issue thing with the high C at the end… Thankfully it was received well :slight_smile:

I would like a recording myself. I will have to talk to the regional director to see if they do have a recording of it. They did put up a mic so they could record it. For now, I uploaded the score.

Thank you very much!

That’s awesome. I played a traditional arrangement on my saxophone at the Detroit regional last year, it was probably one of the most exhilarating things I’ve ever done with my music; I can only imagine what it would be like to have it be one of your own composition. It’s great to see more people bringing their extracurricular talents into the realm of FIRST, especially with the arranging your own piece. Wish I could’ve been there to hear this, major props to you guys.


Team 2574 archived the video that they were streaming out to the webcast. I am working to get the files from them to cut the matches up and get them on TBA. When I get the files I will also see if this performance is in there and get that cut and uploaded somewhere for you.

Thanks Kevin!

I have to learn Hedrix’s Star Spangled Banner now:cool:

Semi-related tangent. Does anyone remember the name/have a recorded performance of the National Anthem from Championship in 2004 or 2005? I don’t remember the name of the trumpet player (I feel kinda guilty about that, considering I spoke to him in 2005), but I believe he was from Michigan (or had some other connection to Truck Town Thunder). He was spectacular.

I read the score… Great job! I’d love to hear this played. The best part is that you kept it “singable” which is a pet peeve of mine when people mess around with it and you can’t continue singing because they want to show off.
I hope that’s a memory you keep with you always and Thanks! I’m sure the regional directors, and the people attending, really appreciated your efforts!


Yeah, he was great. I was going to ask Keehun if he was around then to hear him. Some of the notes he played were so high, they didn’t even have names anymore. The second year he played one of our students was there for the first time. He played trumpet, and his chin nearly hit the seat in front of him.

I don’t recall any MI connection, because I’d never seen him at any of our regionals before.

I do know that the trumpet player was at Arizona at one point for a couple of years, quite possibly 2004-2005. Maybe one of the teams there can identify him?

I remember him speaking with Truck Town Thunder like he knew them, so maybe I just assumed. shrug

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Very cool!!! I’m guessing you had to memorize it? I looked at your score, and it looks amazing, awesome job arranging it :slight_smile:

I didn’t know people played instruments for the national anthem. For the regionals I went to this year (Peachtree and Palmetto), they usually had a person sing it. Except at Peachtree, where they tried to get team members from every team to sing it…

Haha, maybe I should bring my flute next year :wink:

I believe, team 1872 sang the Puerto Rican national anthem and was accompanied by an acoustic guitar at the DC regional.

Agreed. I just played it on the piano and can only imagine what it would be like with the trumpets. Very classy arrangement. I hope you continue to write and perform musical arrangements, Keehun.

Thank you!

Lol… I had my band director play it on her piano… that was funny because she couldn’t… (well it was pure sight reading)

On an unrelated note, does anyone know Craig Kirchoff? World Renown musician (flute player) and even more famous conductor?.. My band director’s husband :slight_smile: