pic: NC Gears FTC Glyph Handler

NC Gears FTC glyph intake & lift mechanisms. Photo from a few weeks ago. Several things have been added or changed since then, but this shows the glyph intake clearly.

Such a simple design! love it.

How do you handle glyphs loading askew? Does your (co)pilot just run the intake wheels independently or do is there some other process at work?

Howdy! Im not on the OP’s team so this may be wrong, but I’m almost positive the intake wheels are mounted to the polycarb because the polycarb can flex, allowing the wheels to “open up” around the glyph, pulling it in to what I believe is an indexer (the pieces of polycarb mounted parallel to the table top on eather side of the intake). Very similar to the intakes we saw on landfill robots in 2015.

Glad we won’t see you until states, but hopefully not even then. Simple, yet elegant, unlike my team’s dual-grabber, dual-lift design that is so darn heavy and easy to break without proper programming.

Nice design! Simple, yet effective. What wheels are you guys using for the intake?

They look like red AndyMark Compliant Wheels.

Here is a video from our practice field. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBYJpzvjBlA&t=9s

The intake wheels on each side are independently controlled and reversible to allow the operator to rotate the glyph and straighten it out during intake.

Thanks we, FTC 10262, have a very similar mechanism – single pair of larger wheels though. Our intake tray has active walls (they open and close to grab the glyphs). Our intake at the Canton Qualifier was rough, largely for lack of driver practice, but also I now believe because they had the intake sides too open and the glyphs could rotate too much once collected.

Playing next week in Novi, hope to have the kids practice all week, and see if we can do better.

Good luck to you.

Not terribly familiar with building for FTC, but the chain job on that drivetrain looks…less than ideal. I see a motor with a cantilevered sprocket with chain passing by on one side with something like less than 30 degrees of wrap.

Astute observation. That is one of the items that changed between the time this picture was taken and now. FTC is far less demanding of drive trains, but this configuration would not cut it for competition. It was only used for some preliminary testing. We use AndyMark Toughbox Micro gearboxes, and have chain tensioners that provide adequate wrap on the output sprocket.

How does the elevator work, can you post a close up picture of it?

That’s a really nice design for Glyphs. How close are you to making a Cipher in a match? Do you have any plans for the Jewel or Relic?

We actually have 3 teams with (mostly) identical robots - 6043, 7911, and 13554. We competed at Kentwood last weekend and spent more time sitting dead on the field than stacking glyphs. We think the root of our problems were from static electricity (perhaps from sliding a piece of “regolith” around on the floor, etc.). Hopefully we can put that all behind us for our next event. However, in one match (where they actually functioned all thru the match) 7911 did manage a true cipher. We do have a jewel mover that works most of the time. We do not plan to do the relic, although we discovered that the current glyph system will pick it up and deposit it outside the field.

From the picture it looks like you might have enough space to add linear slides to which you could put a small grabber at the end of to hook the top of the relic, you would just need to work out a place for the motor for the linear slide on your robot