pic: NEO Gearbox Concept

Just wanted to get in on the new NEO gearbox fad.

It’s so compact, how did you do it!??!!?!!?

Very nice. This gearbox should be included in some sort of collection of parts.

For real though I’m pretty excited to gain some much needed space in the kitbot with the NEO’s

I was thinking of a TB-micro housing, with the shaft flipped and an external bearing at the other end of the shaft. Only gives about 3.75" for wheel diameter, though.

We loved the idea so much we went ahead and made it in real life.
A CTRE mag encoder was added after CAD to test compared to the integrated encoders on the NEOs.
We’re happy with how the gearbox fit perfectly on the AM14U3 chassis!

They’re so small! I can’t want to take a deeper look at this and potentially start integrating them into my designs.

Let me add that I am looking forward to putting four NEOs on the midget KoP chassis I built for Bayou Workshops. https://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=23622&d=1540735722 (shown from below - and why isn’t this a picture?)
With two CIMs, I can do wheelies by driving in reverse and switching to forward using the quick and dirty control system. With four NEOs, I expect acceleration to be totally traction limited.

How well did it perform?

Could you send some pictures/videos? Im really interested to learn more. Thanks!

I was not there when we tested it, so I don’t know exactly how testing went.

I don’t have any video right now for the same reasons.

Apologies, I will report back if I am there when we do more testing.

I’m aware that REV says shipping before kickoff, but does anyone have any info about when the pre-orders will actually ship?

Consider running this standardized drive characterization procedure on it?

You’d be the first to submit data from a NEO drive.

Our coach contacted their support a few weeks back and I believe they told him they were planning on shipping sometime this week.
(obviously this is 2nd-hand info so I make no promises)