pic: NEO in wheel swerve concept

First attempt at a NEO in wheel swerve. The wheel rotates around the motor using a WCP pocketed gear and 4 3/16id mcmaster bearings. the cad files are here: https://grabcad.com/library/neo-motor-inwheel-swerve-1



How is the large gear transferring torque to the wheel. I don’t see how they’re connected from the CAD.

I definitely wouldn’t mount the speed controller inside the module, that’s just begging for trouble. Otherwise it looks pretty good. I am somewhat suspicious as to how well the wheel bearings would last in this particular configuration though.

There was actually some discussion I saw to this. If you don’t put the controller inside the module, you either have a finite spin distance (cables) or need a slipring with 3 power wires and six sensor cables for it. Not ideal in any case, and putting the controller on the module means just 2 for power and 2 for CAN.

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Nice concept!
I looked up the bearing on McMaster (6656K25) and checked the price: $719.51 (!). Big bearings tend to be expensive - I remember some teams got theirs off of Aliexpress?

16 and 323 both put Talons on the module successfully this year, so it’s certainly possible without too much trouble. If you’re using a slipring, it seems the best choice, as tjf said, especially with the extra wire required for brushless.

You can get the bearings for far cheaper (around $20-30) from China directly.


Arimb, the large gear would be connected using screws that either thread directly into the wheel or more likely into nuts on the opposite side.

Claytownr, if we where actually building it, we could definitely use cheaper bearings from aliexpress. Worst case you could do the vxb turntables since the module is wide and flat there should be very little stress on the bearing.

Cbale2000, I haven’t looked but sliprings with the amount of cables required to do the controller not on the module would most likely be too expensive and large if they even exist. As for the bearings, the larger 1/2in bearing on the opposite side should take most of the side loads and the smaller bearing would only do radial loads.

I talked to Bomb Squad’s mechanical lead at Worlds last year, and they did this exact strategy, it makes sense if you can find high current slip rings without mercury in them.

Its worth noting - the outside casing of the NEO motors is a drafted aluminum diecasting. This will present some challenges with a concept like this.


There is nothing mounted directly to the outside casing. The bearings are stationary and mounted to the aluminum plate on the front of the motor. The wheel rotates around these bearings and a larger bearing on the opposite side that is mounted to the base of the swerve.

Did you guys ever manufacture this or continue development?