pic: NEOFRA Demolition Derby Car

FRC Teams 379 (Girard Robocats), 48 (Warren G. Harding Delphi E.L.I.T.E.), 2010 (Champion Lightning Bots), and 276 (Chaney Mad Cow Engineers) recently formed the Northeast Ohio FIRST Robotics Alliance over the summer. The goal? To share team resources not only to strengthen the partnership between our local teams and improve our individual programs, but also to expand FIRST throughout the region - something we’ve struggled with as individual teams. Here you see the car that will be driven in the Canfield Fair demolition derby by a Girard alumnus. He graciously invited the NEOFRA teams to gather together and paint it with NEOFRA, FIRST, and individual team stuff. We can’t wait to cheer Mark on as he drives it at the fair. Go get 'em, Mark!