pic: NERD #4

The NERDS have invaded Florida! The Yankees have A-Rod. The Angels have K-Rod. The NERDS have L-Rod! Introducing the newest member of NERD…Lisa Rodriguez, Alumni of team 173, RAGE.

Number 5 is only a hop, skip, and jump away.

Are you next?

Looks like I was close with my guess.

If I taught this N.E.R.D. everything she knows, what does that make me? :smiley:

Hop, skip and jump? My guess is Tytus.

Remember, NERD = New England Robotics Division. Tytus isn’t from a New England team, Lisa is, so she qualifies as a NERD.

Tytus?!?!?! Are you sure you weren’t holding some of those poof balls a little too close to the ol’ squash there buddy? First I take your sister and throw her in a shirt right out from under your nose, then you tell me that Tytus (nothing against him, but he isn’t from New England) is going to be the next NERD?

Jeff…if you are going to be wearing black and white, you are gonna have to drink a little more coffee there buddy :wink: WAKE UP!

Anyhow…I think you will realize that NERD’s 1-3 all have something in common. 4 and 5 (when he/she is announced) also will have something in common. And most importantly…NERDS 6 through ohhhh lets say…17 or so might also have something in common.

There is a method to my madness, and it all leads up to one thing…

What is NERD?

The time for questions will soon be comming to an end.

Mr Dillard anyone?

Jeff, I was taught by many others, although I do attribute you to being the person who started it all, I know much more thanks to many people :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I know who the next one is, and technically Andy, I am from the “Manchester Area”, Manchester, CT :wink:

I’m sworn to secrecy…

I’m in love…

No, not with the girl in the nerd shirt, its those twin 200’s. Come here my babies…

they are Mercury, one of the best out there for motors.