pic: NERD and Maverick ?

Atleast in Israel Nerds and Mavericks can be friends. :slight_smile:

Well, it looks like we have at least a couple of people who have clones these days.


Brandon and Greg…
It’s no wonder why it seems you 2 have so much time to devote to FIRST.

Guys, you have to let me in on the clone secret. How DO you do it?

I’m thinkin’ Brandon just wrote and ran a script to clone himself, while Greg must have stumbled into the secret backroom at DEKA and found the human copy machine there.

In any case, I want a clone!!! I need a script, or a copy machine!!!

interesting. It’s scarey enough to have one greg around. :stuck_out_tongue:

how did you get a NERD Shirt greg?

Living in Manchester, NH right now…and working with one of the oldest NERD teams 131 C.H.A.O.S.

Oh, I REALLY need to be cloned. Please let me in on your secret?