pic: NERD on top of the world

…and there is only one way down.

[size=1][color=#444444]With over two thousand feet of vertical drop, it should be fun too. :smiley:

BTW, I just realized that the picture was uploaded at 2:28 PM. :p[/color][/size]

Just curious, where were you skiing (or snowboarding)?

I’m bettin’ on boarding, not just 'cause its the greatest but because of the apparel choices… wonder if I’m right :slight_smile:

wow that’s awesome. we need to make a gallery of “nerds around the world” for the site. too bad i went to france -last- year…

So would you be a DRNA (division de robotique de la Nouvelle Angleterre)? lol :stuck_out_tongue:

I was skiing at Loon Mountain Resort in Lincoln, NH for the finals of the Mountain Dew Vertical Challenge races. (I did pretty good too.)

You can’t beat warm spring skiing in New Hampshire, expecially when there is free Mountain Dew and free Mountain Dew stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here was some more pictures from the event:

http://static.flickr.com/53/127145936_a346493649_o.jpg << (All that Mountain Dew was free!)

I knew it!
That nice mountain panorama is where I spent a great summer working for the Forest Service, back country patrol.
You need to strap those skis on your back and head to Tuckerman’s…

I think next year we need a NERD ski event.

Too bad most of the good skiing time is during build? :rolleyes:

Why not do what 237 does every year - a ski/board day before the build season starts. That way Elgin can have all these cool scars and bruises to show people at the kickoff… :wink:

All of the drive team from 228 skis or boards, and there were several occasions during the build season when we went to Mount Southington or Powder Ridge with a FIRST group.

And besides, this picture was taken waaaayyyyyy after the build season. If you go far enough into NERD country (aka New England), you can still find good skiing in April, as I did at Loon Mtn.

Too bad the Mountain Dew Vertical Challenge finals fall every year usually on the last week of the regionals. Even cooler than a NERD ski/board day would be a NERD ski/board day at a Mountain Dew Vertical Challenge event!