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Some n.e.r.d.s pose with Dean Kamen at the 2006 UTC New England Regional.

FIRST President Paul R. Gudonis spoke at the STL regional last week, and quoted Burt Rutan as saying that the current crop of engineering students will be the worlds first generation of spaceship designers. And that many of those people are in the stands, in the pits, and on the field at FIRST events now.

In the world I imagine, Dave is director of interplanetary exploration … at STAR FLEET COMMAND. Woody is the President of STAR FLEET ACADEMY.

And Dean is Chairman of the Board and Chief Technology Officer of SPACESHIP RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT.

You are in good company, KathieK! Nerds will lead us to the world of our imagination.

n.e.r.d.s already have sent me to a whole new world - that of the Internet. When I started my career with UTC some 30 years ago, computers were a novelty. We didn’t have one on every desk, let alone in many of our homes. We were state-of-the-art in keypunching the UTC library circulation records (oh, how I hated keypunching!). Then were among the first in the world to become “virtual” allowing UTC employees worldwide to access information at any time of day or night, from anywhere in the world via online databases and Internet access. My current job, maintaining websites, didn’t exist a very short time ago. THAT’s why I support n.e.r.d.s!

I guess the obligatory question remains: Where’s the n.e.r.d. status for Dean? (I suppose it might be hard to find a denim T-shirt, though.) :wink: