pic: NERDs on Mars

Sam (230) and Kim (177) met up with Marvin the Martian at opening day of Six Flags New England. Notice the ticket for the “digitally enhanced” photo that they did not buy because Tom (195) sneakily took this pic.

Did you make Marvin aware that we have the plans to build a clone of him?

Sam, is that how you got him to pose for a pic with you and Kim? LOL Did you threaten to clone him?? :stuck_out_tongue:

And where the heck is his gun? They sell guns at the gift shop, but the mascot can’t carry one? What kind of odd worlds is this? Oh wait… you said it was on Mars… ok… I get it now. :rolleyes:

What? You guys take a NERD outing to Six Flags and I’m stuck in Connecticut plumbing drain lines in a tight crawl space all day? (Oh how much I hate the fumes from primer and pipe cement. http://www.team228.org/images/emoticons/crazy.gif )

Sigh… I don’t think I ever win.

Well, at least I won’t be broke for Atlanta. :rolleyes:

70 bucks for a season pass Art…
C’mon… you have spent way more than that on VEX parts… LOL

I’m probably gonna get mine this week, if it’s not too late to order one. :ahh:
I already have my card, and just need to activate my season pass membership again like last year.

Hmm… I think I spent more time taking pictures of these two than riding anything…

And every time they ran off to get a picture, they left poor Matt with all the stuff…


Art I feel that pain, I used to work with my dad who is a plumber during the summer… Miserable Miserable job… Yea and for anyone not believing him about the fumes, I wouldn’t reccomend you go try it, its baaadddd… Oh and how many soda’s does Andy owe you for all the people you had pictures taken with. He never said costumed figures don’t count!
Andy please don’t kill me…

Can you imagine that of all the Vex stuff that I have, I only bought about $50 of it with my own money? I did have a $30 gift card that I used once, and JVN did send me some of their prototype parts. But the majority of it was from my father, who bought me VEX stuff in place of allowance from about the begining of August to the end of October last year. Too bad my main summer project this year will probably not be Vex. After talking to a few people “high up” among the marketing division of PepsiCo, and more precisely Mountain Dew, I have a new project that will keep my father and me busy this summer.

I definitely need to get one of the season passes at that price. Now all I need to do convince my parents that “lending” me $70 for a while is a good idea until I get a summer job. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wonderful stuff, ain’t it? :rolleyes:

Why can I hear Marvin’s voice after finding out you stole the picture…

“This makes me very angry.”