pic: NERDs with the Justice League!

Green Lantern commented that super heroes don’t need guns. So um…oops.

Yes, but high scoring robots DO!

I believe batman has a grappling gun. But then again, he’s not a superhero, just a guy with a lot of cool things.

Robin didn’t have any super powers either, did he? He was just a rich guy’s little assistant. What a lame job title. Even the butler was cooler.

Cable has a bunch of guns, and he has awesome superpowers…technically they’re mutant powers since he’s the offspring of Cyclops and Jean Grey…wow I’m a dork…oh well, useless trivia always comes in handy.

Who’s ready for the 26th of may?

what’s the 26th of may other than my prom?

and robin’s only cool when he becomes nightwing. i mean really. :smiley:

The 26th of May is when X-Men III comes out in theatres…two reasons I know that…1 I can’t wait for the movie and 2 I manage a movie theatre and don’t really wanna work through the crowd.

And technically there were 3 robins (depending on the version of batman you subscribe to) Dick Grayson the first one became Nightwing, then there was another one…then Timothy Drake…my geekiness just keeps getting worse and worse.