pic: Nerf Attack

I know it was at Philly, and I know it involved a ref and a lot of Nerf balls. What I don’t know is if it was an attack of the Nerfs or Nerf lovin’.

Come on now Pete after this whole season you can’t tell the difference between Nerf balls and poof balls :cool: Anyway that looks like it could have been fun and is good warning to that ref not to throw a penalty against that team again :stuck_out_tongue:

Ooops! Guess now we know how long my memory lasts (16 days since the last event).

Maybe the poof balls were thanking the ref for saving them from some mean, nasty ball-shredding robot?

so how many were there? that may have beat Jeff’s count of 20. Ogre 173

it looks like 23-24 balls

Not all of those are being held up by just the person though. :slight_smile:

lol its a hopper person duhhhh lol :-p also they are a low ground person as you are a tall person lol :yikes:

I heard some people weren’t happy with a few of the referees’ calls, but a poof-ball firing squad? That seems a little harsh!

I gotta be the one to ask. Who is under those?