pic: Never seen of! Never heard of! The secret revealed!


This is our robot “OOPS!!!” being crated away never to see daylight again until that glorious day on March 13 at UTC, where it shall shine once again! OOPS!!! you are in all of our thoughts and prayers.

Who’s robot is it? You didn’t select a team number nor did you post one with the bot itself.

I really hope you’ll be doing something to protect those exposed motors, snap is never a good sound.

What exactly do those motors do anyway, the secret may be revealed, but it’s a mystery to me

Sorry about eh lack of information is was my first picture upload ( though I still can’t see how I forgot my team number!!!) :yikes:

The robot you see was made by team 521 ( L33T CREW). It is a king of the hill robot. The orange things are plates that we drop from beneath our robot ( the motors you see run the chain/ vertical conveyor belt that drops the plates) Underneath the plates are 3 suction cups a piece that firmly secure to the top of the ramp. On each place there is also an individual release valve so we can allow our alliance partner up and score an extra 25 points. If u have any other question please feel free to ask me either online or at UTC next week. I wish you all good luck with your competitions and hope you have FUN!!!

P.S. I’ll try to post a better picture as soon as I can get one

I take it a portion of your members are into Counter-Strike… I’d comment more on the bot, but it’s hard to see

The new pic has been added to the gallery


It still isn’t that good but atleast people arn’t standing in front of it. It is the best I have readily access to (We had some technical problems with our digital camera for like the last week) and I’ll personally try to take better pictures at UTC