pic: New 4063 Logo

I like it !

Are you going to put these style numbers on your bumpers ?

Looks awesome.

I want a shirt - XXL please. :]

I like it too! If you do intend to put this style of numbers on your competition bumpers, I would definitely check with the LRI of whatever events you are going to so you can get them pre-approved. We had an issue last year when trying to get creative with bumper numbers, so it would be a good call to check before hand.

To me the numbers look unambiguous enough, but the LRI of your event might see things differently.

I can make that happen.

I don’t think these will pass the bumper lettering rules.

Your new logo looks cool and imaginative. It would look good on a set of Show Bumpers for use in your reveal video and for demos.

If you don’t want to make a third set of bumpers, maybe you can make a wrapper out of fabric that is neither red nor blue and put your new logo on it. The wrapper would not have to take the abuse that normal bumpers would have to take so they can just be clamped between the normal bumpers and your frame.

Philso, thanks for the input…it looks like we are making a 3rd set of bumpers this year, assuming there are bumpers :wink:

Yes there will be bumpers. I remember Frank saying so.

The font modifications are impressive.
While I like the rabbit look of the “4” its effect is so large that its hard to tell that it’s a 4. My suggestion would be to reduce the visual size of ears to 1/2 or 1/4 the visual size of the stroke width, so everyone knows its a 4.

My other suggestion is to modify the “3” as it looks as if it was left out of the fun. Consider using 2 cut up wheel rims to create this shape.