pic: NEW Apple Corps (93) Teaser

Hmmmm…what could this be??

Looks like something you will use for air (Sorry I dont know the technical term for it) Hopefully we will see what it actually does at Sussex.

You charge the cylinder up enough, then release the air, spinning the cylinder and making the robot go.

Chris McKenzie


it is definitely a gripper. Look at the base of the plate, there are two bent poles connected to cylinders. The top cylinder controls the top two poles. It allows it to collapse very easily. Nice design!

Bottom two cylinders control the grabbing mechanism that lifts the ball. Top cylinder is a kicker that “boots” the ball over the overpass as the grabber releases.

More to come - we should have it done in the next week or so.

Care to share the bore/stroke and mounting angle of the kicker cylinder? Also the typical “booting” height of the trackball when propelled?

Team 93!! its Eric from Nationals!!! Will i get to be the robo coach this year??? :smiley: I cant wait for our mini regional it looks like the Wisconsin teams are putting out some great robots this year.

Eric our intrepid human player - thanks again for lending a hand in Atlanta last year. That snow storm sure threw us for a loop. Hopefully the weather cooperates this year! We will definitely be at Sussex in two weeks - we wouldn’t miss it!

The cylinder is a 1.5" bore with a 6" stroke. If you look at the top edge of the “bucket” you’ll see the top part of a hinge. That’s attached to an aluminum flap that, whenthe cylinder is extended, “kicks” the ball as the grabber releases. All of this happens with the grabber above the overpass so the ball clears it and bounces down on the other side - hopefully not on your robot!

Good luck!!