pic: New Dorm Room

This is one wall of Corey Balint's and my dorm room at Northeastern. Notice anything cool?

The made beds?


The banner, or the red flag?

Wow, it’s very clean.

Nice TV.

School hasn’t started yet.
They should take a picture in about a month.
I bet it’ll look alot different. :stuck_out_tongue:

Guess whose bed is whose.

Corey’s has the Pluto and flag.

The shoes gave it away. :wink:

Yours is the one with the two pillows?

Your dorm is cooler than mine. I just have my medal from Atlanta. I need to get some posters and things.

Welcome to life in a fish bowl.

Lol. And yeah…i only use one though. The Yankees one is just for show…heh

How did you convince the team to let you bring that to college?

and another question

Where is the green light?

I got it myself. and the green light…toms computer…heh.

Wow you guys are really good at this FIRST-centric decoration stuff. Maybe I should hire you to decorate mine for me.

Not only are we interior decorators. But i can cook while tom fixes your computer.

Wow… someone that can cook and someone that can a computer. That’s really all you need in roommates. Now remember Corey, Mike might bring some girls over, don’t get jealous, you’ll have your turn, too. :wink: J/K

… Just don’t order anything that is chicken, Corey Balint has been known for using rubber chickens in food…

cool thing = tv…

heh :cool: :]

Corey and Tom in the same room? I feel sorry for their neighbors. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Adding Henry to the list makes it worse. ummmmmmmmm…