pic: New Dorm Room

The cool thing is the future presence of me there all the time.
I got stuck with a Stetson West corner dorm (blah) across from the RA’s room.

Corey, Tom,
I will see you guys in 2 days :slight_smile:

Oh my. Poor Boston. Nice decorations though…I’m surprised you didn’t use the banner as a quilt. :yikes:

All of the FIRSTers in Beantown def need to go to the city and chill one day. The city won’t know what hit it. Until the regional, of course.

Are you kidding? That dorm room is downright enormous as compared to most!

Yeah. It is. I love it.

I remember staying with Mike Dubreil at his dorm for BTB one year. I was impressed with how big they are, and the fact it’s apartment style living. Looks good guys, take a pic in December :stuck_out_tongue:

Your double has a kitchen?!

I hope at some point you stayed in a real dorm room so you know exactly how amazing yours is. Mine is like half that size (at most)

Ok, are you guys graduate students or something?

My daughter and I visited North Eastern in 2000, and the dorm rooms were like closets with THREE beds crammed in them. Their take was “we dont want the students spending all their time in their dorm rooms… yadda yadda yadda…”

looks like that approach has not gone over well (BTW, my daughter went to RIT instead)

I’m inclined to agree. Preston is one of the mid-range buildings on campus (although with the destruction of the Towers, vast amounts of the low-range buildings are pulled from underneath us), and ours are the finest design that the mid-1990s has to offer. (Oh, how I wish we didn’t have that blah wallpaper on our walls!)

Did y’all get any special housing options? (We’ve got some, like Preston, the “green dorm”, and Honors housing.)

Yeah, we are in the honors housing. The building is brand new and just opened a week ago. It’s really nice here. All FIRSTers in the area are invited to visit…

Man that room is huge!
I don’t think any of the rooms on campus are that big, even the suite-style, they’re just rooms connected.

Both my roomate and I have loft beds with our desks underneath so that really helps a lot. Our room is 14*12 including the closets, it’s not too bad, and it’s home!

by the way, I hope we don’t beat you too bad on saturday… :smiley:

my question is-

is there a banner missing from our prep room? hmmm…


heh :wink:

I think the “We’ll Miss Cor-Cor” paper taped is more of a giveaway.

Wow. How the heck did you read that adam? lol.

Now that I think back, we were missing a red and a blue flag from Monty Madness…hmmmm :stuck_out_tongue:

Best of luck in school guys.

The red is from Monty…the Blue is from Einstein…heh.

Wow…nice room
Who’s going to be 125’s driver is the real question. Henry vs. Corey… I’m scared.
Btw, VT is gonna destroy N’Eastern tomorrow :wink:

You mean coach? lol. And dont forget about tom or the already greatly established former Morters here. Brandon and Brandon and Mike.

And im well aware. It shall be a butt kicking of extreme proportion.

Oh god, you’re right, you’re not HSers anymore… :rolleyes:
I just mentioned you and Henry because I’ve driven/coached against and with both of you guys before, and you both left definate impressions of being outstanding drivers.