pic: New Family, new WAI


My new little sisters and I on Newton at Champs.

I spy a stolen name tag Kelli… if that is indeed your real name while in Atlanta. LOL
Did you actually meet Sam, or just steal her name tag? :stuck_out_tongue:

And I can say now that I finally met all of the people in this picture this year. w00t! :slight_smile:

This picture was taken on Newton. Which was where Sam was doing field reset. So I hope Kelli actually got to meet Sam, it’d be a little awkward if she hadn’t.

Ha ha… that was one of the three name tags I wore this weekend. I gave Sam my tag that friday to wear, then we switched again for a bit while we were on Newton… so yes, I did meet Sam.

Another of those three happened to be my dad’s…then again, she IS my sister…:stuck_out_tongue:

You see that blue shirt that Julia is wearing under the volunteer shirt?

That’s a 166 shirt.

Libby, Julia belongs on 166. Not 1923. :smiley:

Julia is not property!!
And I love both of those teams.

And Libby… Yeah, he’s right, I wore a 166 shirt every day, Weds-Sat… then my 166 sweatshirt on Sunday. 166 was well-represented in Atlanta!!

Hah…we were on Newton, and I remembered seeing you three down around the curtain dancing, and I thought to myself “Shouldn’t they be working???” [thinks to self] So that’s who it was… [/thinks to self]

Hey, I recognize that picture :wink:

Libby? Is that a VIP pass I see?
hehe! Cute picture! I SAW YOU
ON NEWTON TOO! I was there.