pic: New Friends

Team 1936 from Israel is spending the week in Flint while waiting for the Kettering Kick off Competition. While visiting a local apple orchard for cider and doughnuts team 1322 was there to help team 1936 feel comfortable in our town of Fenton Michigan. We showed them a corn maze and gave them rides on our team dune buggy. This was GRAYT for our students to be ambassadors for them and we hope they had fun.

This was such a wonderful day! Both of the teams had such a great time getting to know each other and learning about the customs each has. I for 1 can’t wait to see their robot on Saturday!!

out of curiosity, as a member of the Israeli FIRST community I’ve never heard of team 1936 and a search on TBA yielded no results. Did you by any chance get the number confused?

I’m sure he meant team 1946 from Tamra.

Yes it is 1946.

Hi I am from the team 1946 from Israel there is a small mistake
We have a nice time together.
Team 1946

Figures, this all happens when I am 500 Miles from home in Holly, thats only a 5 min from Fenton…

Our frends team 1496 with our team 1322 at the Kettering Kick Off Competition