pic: New FTC robots prototype

We were at the National Education Computing Conference (NECC) in San Antonio. Lego had a booth and some robots made with the new (not yet finalized) kit.

Dean’s “All Denim” (now referred to as “Deanim”) look is apparently catching on.

Very nice, it seems that these robots resemble the same type of bots that were at the FTC showcase, I hope the game is good.

Looks pretty much the same to me, but it does look like these bots have a lot more parts on them. Also it looks like the one on the right has 12 or 16 wheels on it, thats interesting.

FYI - A little while ago, I posted some close ups of 2-3 mechanisms made with the prototype parts that were used in the April Showcase Competition kits. The pics are here: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/papers/2153


We did a presentation about FIRST so we were wearing the “senior mentor uniform.”

Well done, although it’s more commonly refereed to as a Canadian Tuxedo.

Are you sure this is for FTC?

It looks like Lego NTX, which would mean it’s for FLL.

Of course, there’s always the possibility that I am mistaken.

In this case you are mistaken. The new FTC platform is run by an NXT controller.

Anyone else concerned that the caption says

some robots made with the new (not yet finalized) kit.
It is getting really close to FTC kickoff for them still to be unsure of the kit. In terms of suppliers and distribution 3 months is short.

You mean the “founder’s uniform”? :stuck_out_tongue:

[RIGHT]not my idea, credit to mike mullinax![/RIGHT]

Jane, you know I’m only kidding around. :slight_smile:

I think Dr. Cameron may be referring to the denim shirt as a Senior Mentor shirt.

Does this mean you guys were here in San Antonio and I didn’t get to see you?!

Well… We arrived on a Monday afternoon, presented on Tuesday and left on Wednesday. We met a lot of people (there were 18,000 people at the conference). We didn’t even get time to tour the Alamo. We didn’t “Remember the Alamo”; we’re probably permanently barred from returning to Texas.

We should have contacted you, but…


While the robot on the left probably looks like it could have been constructed from a single FTC kit, the one on the right is definitely composed of two, possibly even three or more, of the current “still a work in progress” FTC kits based on the quantity of the gears and wheels they used.

(Most of the pictures of the FTC “competition kit” only show two large aluminum gears, four medium aluminum ones, and four small aluminum ones, along with four of each size wheel).

Okie doke. I don’t think the Alamo is going anywhere anytime soon. Also, San Antonio has a beautiful zoo. If compared to other zoos, one might say it is small but it is pristine and rich in flora as well as fauna. If you ever come back and have the opportunity, it is worth a visit. Hope you had a good time in Texas - 18,000 people - woo!