pic: New High Score!

Take a look at these scores on the Curie field during PRACTICE on Thursday! 475 laps and 103 hurdles…I think we know who’s going to win the Championship - everyone else better just go home now…

i would love to see the bots on those alliances

I’d hate to break it to the guys on 558 and 1493 that we were outdone. It was fun while it lasted.


We need…

We need…

to score more


Okay who’s been bribing the refs? :ahh:

major glitch:eek:

Ahh, you missed a picture of our match. We were afterwards and those teams gave us a few tips, and the blue alliance made it to 10,000 ;).

The best part was in the audience, where apparently half the stands were waiting for the scores to break a certain number…once Red did, all you could hear was:



Internet memes FTW :cool:


Looks like those three G-22 penalties really hurt the red alliance. :yikes: