pic: New IRI Prank


What was Andy going to say?! Unfortunately, students from Team 45 removed the saran wrap before he saw it.

Just like in the classic Western movies, the villain is the guy in the black hat.

Never mind that we can’t see his face – we all know who he is. :wink:

Cough … 461 … cough.
Cough … field supervisor … cough.

Too bad I didn’t see that.

One of our members’ birthday was Friday (I think) and it was amazing: I was not in on any of this, but I knew something was up when one of the girls knocked on the door and asked what his favorite color was. Jokingly, he answered pink, and she disappeared before he could say “I was just joking!” The next day, we were hanging out in the back of the truck eating lunch with HOT and the girls presented him with a cupcake. We pressured him into stuffing the whole thing into his mouth (this can’t end well…;)) and 5 seconds later, they opened a cooler and whipped all 15 (it was his 15th birthday) pink water balloons at him. He ran around the truck as fast as he could, which wasn’t very fast considering his airway was full of cupcake…:yikes: He was soaked for the rest of the day.

I’m glad I have a November birthday…:ahh:


dude, that looks awesome, but you know what they say what comes around goes around.So who ever did this better watch out at next years IRI.

at least it’s not the guy in the pink shirt!

There were far more people out there “helping” than those few viewable in the photo. And don’t be misled by the “innocent bystander” seen taking another picture from a different angle.

There were about 10 people that actually wrapped and a few more that stood on the side, laughed, [possibly signed], and enjoyed!

Psst! Look closer! I see a pink shirt, and he’s doing more than you would hope. :ahh:

I personally wanted to sign it Abraham Lincoln.

but i didnt think i deserved to, I only watched.

I want to know who all funded these shenanigans! Saran wrap/visqueen ain’t cheap, ya know!!! :wink:

Arefin produced the rolls (2). I don’t know where he got them, but he grabbed a bunch of people and I kinda just followed. The result is the photo, and many more like it in my collection, seen here.

There were quite a few people who donated to get these 2 rolls. They aren’t cheap, they were $60 bucks. I am going to try to remember everybody’s name who donated.

  1. Andrew Morrison
  2. The other 71 Driver
  3. Chris Noble
  4. David Ellich
  5. Brian Camp

I think I am forgetting couple people.

Now here is where the prank came from. I was talking to Jerry Budd about starting a new tradition for IRI… hence the IRI Prank. I went over to Chris Fultz and asked for his permission. He never gave me approval but at the same time he said, “I didn’t say you can’t do it.” We love team 45 and about 10 of us were involved in this. It was all in good fun with no harm to anyone. I just wish Andy could see the trailer before the kids took the wrap off. It was 45’s turn the first year… I got a whole year to think of a new prank and a perfect group to recruit.

We still have the surran rap too, so some other team (or person) may want to watch out. :wink:

How much is left? I know they tried to use all of it on the trailer but came up well short. Arefin used to some nice language in getting everyone to cooperate on this endeavor. Unfortunately, the Pink kid started going the opposite way and they collided every time they went around.*

*Silly Floridians…

You can’t forget Ed’s car keys. Without those this prank would never have been possible.

Ed? ears perk up Ed who? Ed I am a mischief maker and live for trouble at IRI Patterson? That Ed?
tsk tsk tsk

Next year it will be a totally different and a new prank on a different team. :slight_smile:

Count me in for that.

This is fun, and thanks for taking pictures.

As for some of the TechnoKats cutting this off before I got to see it, no worries. After the event, the students on 45 were eager to start packing the trailer and they had no idea how long I would be talking to people. We had another hour or two ahead of us in packing things up. They’ve learned that it could take a while to wait on me, so I don’t blame them for moving ahead and getting the trailer ready before I saw the wrap job.

Andy B.


Ya know the piggies are always up for a little fun! Cant believe you didn’t recruit any of us.