pic: New mecanum wheel?

Could you explain?

Also, I haven’t read all the rules this year but past years have been metal can’t touch the carpet

This has “Damage to the field” written all over it. Even if you had some kind of padding for the ends of your spokes, it seems awful risky in that reguard. But I like the concept and hope it would work.

Sorry for misleading you guys.

Heres the story, one of our CAD team students had a little fail with inventor last night. While opening the axle assembly with the AndyMark mecanum wheels attached, inventor glitched and called the 3"x3"x30" aluminum axle tube instead of the mecanum rollers, thus replacing every roller with said aluminum tube, resulting in this picture.

For the record, I have read the rules countless times, and I very well know this it 100% illegal.

That could easily be remedied by putting something on the edge of the “spokes”. Rubber pad, cloth, ect. As long as it is covered.

This “error” in priting gets me thinking. What if each of the fingers (rubber tipped of course) had a rod parallel to the main axle? Those rods would all be attached to a cam on the main axle that could be rotated independantly. Each finger could be made to kick out as it passed the bottom. If I was going to live forever, I would model it.