pic: New NYC & NJ FIRST Home

Here is the new web home page for NYC & NJ FIRST Organization.

Mr. Cokeley was just telling us yesterday about how the new NYC/NJ FIRST website was about to be launched, but didn’t remember the URL at the time. Can we get a link to the site?

“Welcome to the New Your City/New Jersey FIRST Website” New Your??

Looks great otherwise!

You might want an editor to double check “Your” city. :slight_smile:


(note to self- torture web writers with constant dum questions and comments.)

here is the link for those of you that were looking…


Edit: Look its corey! http://nycnjfirst.njit.edu/about_teams.html

our website has been changed to Bxsciborgs.org so if you can change that it would be great.

Don’t worry… Achieve is misspelled Acheive in our banner on our site. Sounds like it’s permanent, too. Our head teacher doesn’t want to change the look, but since I’m now overlooking the website portion of the team, it will get changed! LOL…

Nice looking website by the way… very professional and readable.

Stupid question why is the team list out of numeric order, atleast the NJ teams are…

Besides the few proofreading typos, it looks really nice!

The Contact Us general e-mail address ([email protected]) just bounced. Does anyone have one that works?

Try this email, [email protected]
it should work

Very nice looking site. Just a quick question: does the “FIRST LEGO League” link/bar become “FIRST Lego League” on rollover intentionally? If so, why? I think it would make sense to just alter the color like in the other rollover bars…

wow unless i counted wrong there is not enough slots in nj for all the nj teams.

a good number of NJ teams dont actually compete at Trenton, many compete at Philly and various others, enough go elsewhere that there are plenty of spots open for teams from all over to attend,

When I clicked the link, it worked fine for me…Of course, it could have been fixed in the time in between our posts…

So go check it again. :slight_smile:

it’s forwarding to something else which isn’t working. Could someone please get back to me regarding the Robotics and Technology Leadership Workshops? Thanks.