pic: New pics from 1595!!!

Ok, alot of you wanted some different pictures of our robot so here you go. Enjoy



This is a pic of the underside of the chassis.

Let me know what you think.

Team Driver/Designer

Very nice.
I like the welding job. Student or mentor done?
How does it handle the ramp?
How much weight do you have above the base?
One suggestion to the two students in the last photo…Safety Glasses :ahh:

All the welding is done by our mentors brother. Non of us know how to weld yet.
It goes up the ramp with ease(or at least our test chassis for the wheels did. We never tested the final version.)
The base contains almost all th wieght. We have figured that the CG is at about 7-8 inches high or so.

Team Driver/Designer

Did you make the mechanum wheels, or do you have a supplier you want to share with us all :stuck_out_tongue:

We made them ourselves!!!

Team Driver/Designer