pic: New Robot Cart

Our new robot cart

Looks like an elaborate ruse to justify making a M.D.D.S. (Mountain Dew Delivery System).

I approve. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just a shame it wont be allowed in the pits with those on it… :frowning:

It’s an integral part of the programmer-effectivey system…

The molecular effects of the Mountain Dew perfectly counterbalances the crazy in the programmers.

Needs to be red bulls. x_x

Very nice, and I really like the shelf for the driver station.

Now please, please dont shout “robot!” as you use it. Thank you.

Ha. Mountain Dew is our official team drink. And more like it keeps programmers awake on those late nights right before build season, when we once again weren’t given enough time to test. This cart would be extremely useful.


Very nice cart!!! Mountain Dew!!! Now im thirsty…