pic: New Robot Part

Anybody else think they can get this to run on the Robot Controller? hehehehe…

If you can get that to work on the robot controller I will truly be amazed.
And then, of course, you will have to tell us all how you did it :smiley:

The students on our team always amaze me. They never seem to settle for what works in the present. Good job John, and keep up the good work.

If I’m not wrong, some team did use that @ VCU??
I don’t remember the team number on top of my head, but i saw the controller with the LCD panel, and as per prediction my jaw dropped. :eek:

I’m kind of embarrassed to say that I’m still trying to figure this out:

DUDE!! It’s a Dell… lol or is it??

Looks like it from the hinge bracket anyways.
Yeah, I’ve taken mine apart as well that much.

Yea it is indeed a dell! It is the LCD screen from my inspiron 1150. I am not yet ready to get it going. I want to try some lower lever LCDs first. I fryed my mobo when the wires inside my power cord finally broke and shorted >_<. But heyy, why not, I am pretty sure I can find a vga driver chip that takes a serial data line.

BTW David55 IF you want to get that 16x2 LCD working PM or IM me my SNs are in my pro. It is prolly a HD44780 LCD controller chip.

You’re a lot further along than I am, so don’t be embarassed.

But I am sure there are others here who can help - start a new thread (after searching, of course). Once you figure it out, write a white paper!


Currently, me and my team is working on a Voice Activated Processor. It contains two LCDs on it, and are still trying to figure out how to make it work. It actually comes with a default/test code that runs the LCDs and sort of explains how to make it work with the digital outputs/inputs or PWMs etc.
PM if me you want to get that default code. The LCD look pretty similar to the one shown posted by David55.

Whats so hard about the LCD? It looks like the sparkfun LCD I was plaing with if it is Sparkfun has the code and schmatics for their LCD Backback. Once you have that just send the serial commands to the backback.

The display probably accepts readable and control ASCII characters over TTL or I2C. Or, it may have some data lines (probably 8) and a write strobe.

Do you have a part/model number? I could probably help you out if you had one.


I sure thought it was an 1150. Mine died 3 months ago due to a glass of water spilling on the mother board. :smiley: We’re going to try to combine the parts of 2 broken laptops to make one working one to add to our cart as a programmer/music player. Hopefully it works out.