pic: New The Hi Fives 4944 Logo

Looks awesome! Major improvement over the old logo. What was the reasoning behind font choice?

Very nice. I like the robotic hand idea. My one suggestion, that elongated “i” is pretty sweet, use it as alternate logo?

Thank you, we decided to upgrade from a simple hand! We chose the font based on it’s futuristic look.

The robotic hand will most likely be on our t-shirt and banners, but it’s pretty complicated for any mascot outfit or cut-out signs. The text logo will be featured on everything though, we also love the elongated “i”!

One of our favorite parts of the whole logo is the text below the barcode on the bottom of the hand.

Looks good! I know your team logo tends to change year to year, is this more permanent logo for your team?

Looks great! Can’t wait to see you guys at the Utah regional again!

Our logo has actually remained basically the same since our rookie season in 2014, we have just changed the positioning on our t-shirts a lot. This was partially due to the fact that last year our logo was supposed to be in the middle of the shirt yet the place we ordered from put it in the top left corner. The t-shirts arrived the day before we left for the Utah Regional so there wasn’t much we could do.

We hope we can keep this logo for a long time!

You have a cool team name and your new logo is cool too. It would look great as the main design on the front or back of a t-shirt. Have you tried making smaller versions to see how well it scales down. Some of the intricate detail might get lost, especially the thinner lines.

Yea it’ll be interesting to see how it is applied to all of our imagery next year.

Here is our idea for an outreach logo perhaps:

I like that outreach logo a lot - but please do not use that font :). I would recommend using the same one you used for the normal logo.

Also, you might want to use a brighter blue in the normal logo. Maybe #0065FF?

+1. Helps with continuity as well.

:smiley: Yes don’t worry, the font choice on the outreach logo is planned to be changed already

Updated font

I like that better :slight_smile:

Why not try all caps? On the normal logo too?

The word “The” seems smaller than the others. Other than that the only other comment I have is to make it all caps. It looks really good. I like the design.

The new logo is a big upgrade from the old one. I like the integration of more colors to make it stand out more, the only thing that bugs me just a little bit is that the “S” the top curve doesn’t fully complete, but stops horizontally. Otherwise it’s a great design!

I like it! Here are a couple things that I’d implement to make the logo look more cohesive:

  • Add shading to the hand to make it ‘pop’ compared to the flat text of the image.
  • Change the font to something simple and easy to read. Try something like Bebas Neue or Cornerstone.
  • Change the font color to white if working with a colored background.

The new logo is great - I would use it for all of your marketing. One thing that FRC 4607 has heard time and time again is to keep the logo the same (it has been this way since 2015). We started out with a very ‘busy’ logo our first season (2013) and then streamlined it. The current logo fits will with most of our branding… just not on Bumpers (looking at you Big Al) :stuck_out_tongue:


Updated based on suggestions