pic: New Tools

Thanks to Team 176, Aces High for putting on such a great event at the UTC Scrimmage! Here’s Team 38 doing some post-competition repairs back at our shop with the great new toolkit graciously given to us by 176 :slight_smile:

That looks a like surgical tubing and a bungee cord under a clear cover. Are you using that to counterbalance the weight of your arm and a tetra??? I suggested this to our team, but they went with a slower arm (more torque) instead. If it is used to store energy, how does it work?

Actually, the surgical tubing is holding a cable which goes up to the end of the telescoping arm. It’s to keep the cable tensioned as it extends and retracts.

We haven’t broken out our new tools yet. good to see you put them to use though. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: