pic: New Toy #1


Our new lathe with digital readouts

That looks like a very nice piece of machinery. Who is it made by, where did you get it from, and how much was it?

I talked to my mentor about where we purchased our equipment and he said that we purchased the mill and lathe from Bob Micelli at MSC his phone number is 1800-753-7974. He was real nice in getting us the equipment that we needed.

The mill is a 2 Hp 9 x 42 bed 16 speed MSC Brand Value Master Mill
Part #09531005

The lathe is a Vectrax gear headed gap bench lathe
Part# 82837915

wow that’s really nice-- i love the new toy-- :smiley:

so what was the pricing on this now???

we were lucky to get our machines from pratt --they didn’t want it so we got it–they don’t look at nice but they work

In total for the mill, lathe, and welder plus accessories, we spent nearly 15,000.