pic: New uber wheels

New uber wheels just waiting on the other three

Hey… only our wheels can be ÜberWheels… )=

dual mechanums? why?

I’m in LOVE!!!
Wait… forget anything I said… it’s week 3 and I’ve already lost it…still
Wow those are really amazing!


Waiting on the other three? 7-wheel mechdrive? Interesting.

So… at first I thought those were all one thing stuck together… and i’m thinking… wow you sure did make a great mechanical energy resistor with all those vectors going this way and that… :o

Sounds like fun… can’t wait for videos/pictures of it running.


Misleading post! I thought it was the Uberbots new wheel design.:smiley:

Pretty Cool, they kind of look like big omniwheels.
I’m curious as to how you guys make them.

Congrats on the wheel design

They probably sent a check, purchase order, or credit card number to Andymark


These are actually the 6" andymark mecanum wheels stuck side by side im guessing there just doing this to tease us seeing as this wheel would behave almost like a standard wheel.

this is where you can get them.

Nice wheels.

That is how the mecanum wheels stack. Both sides have the same orientation of the frame of the wheel so they can easily be stacked in this way. The only difference between right and left is which way the rollers are installed.

Ingenious. I bet Andymark did that to save storage space in their garage :smiley:

(I wish I was smart like them).