pic: New uses for old controller

An Old Issac IFI controller gets a new lease on life

what purpose is leasing it?

It now serves as a controller for our final project for a class called “Advanced Tech”, where we have to build a tethered robot to complete a Vex scale challenge.

I bet Mongo is involved.

What purpose leasing it? Almost anything for a fundraiser!:slight_smile:

Is Mongo Involved? You better believe it. ( for those who don’t know, Mongo is a 16 pond bowling ball which is place on a pedestal to serve as an obstacle. If you leave Mongo alone , he will leave you alone. If not, he falls on you.)

In general, the control system allows two students matching controls (including adjustable air pressure) so they can compete in a head to head, double elimination tournament that serves as a final exam. The winner gets a 100!

Might want to examine the FAQ on tags… That looks like quite the jumble. :eek:

Looks like a jumble, but it is compact & portable and was made with surplus parts therefore the cost was perfect = nothing out of pocket.

He wasn’t talking about the project, he was talking about the tags for the picture.

The tag FAQ can be found here