pic: New uses for old robots


This is our 2005 robot that has been recommissioned as a stage prop for the school play “Beauty and the Beast.” Its new life is as Maurice’s invention. This photo shows Belle and Maurice…

This photo appears interlaced, which would suggest you pulled it from a video clip. Any chance you can post the clip somewhere so we can see the “invention” in action?

That is really cool.

OMG- that maybe the 2008 game; robot barrel rolling & jumping.

My sister’s team (RoboGriffins, 304) has their robot in the school play and handing out awards to students at the end of school. It’s always cool to see technology in non-technical areas (which I plan on doing with my life…) :p:cool:

The Media Tech people have the video clip and they pulled the pics for me. I’ll see what I can do…


Way Cool!

Thats pretty cool.

When I was in high school our, 839s, 2003 robot drivetrain was used to drive Grease Lightening for the play Grease.

We decorated an old robot like some sort of animal and tried to use it in our school’s post-apocolyptic style production of As You Like It but the director didn’t like the idea and the robot was really difficult to control anyway so it didn’t work out. It was a cool idea though.

Finally I understand what you guys were talking about at Peachtree. It look sprtty awesome. Good job.

haha, beauty and the beast. I knew Bell’s father was an inventor but i didn’t know he competed in FIRST?!

That is awesome! Our team created a play around our old robots. Check it out.

THAT IS SO COOL!!! I tried pitching Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella to our theatre dept but we just don’t have the money for the copyright. Ooooo, kudos to the tech crew for the painting tehnique, the lighting, uhhh, I’m guessing something was blocking the light hitting Belle like a roof.(Sorry I’m a Drama Dork, Head Lighting Tech/Electrician to be exact. Ah man, this is making me miss Wizard of Oz, but uggh, the munchkin song, never again.lol)

Actually, the Robotics Club decorated the bot under my artistic direction. Its simply cardboard with Sharpie growth lines and a little brown and black spray paint. We got a credit in the program, and I was actually listed as a director! I guess for directing robot movement. It was fun though, and it brought robotics to a different group. Who knows, maybe we will get some new members or sponsors out of it.

That’s really cool! From which game was this robot from?

It’s from Triple play. Looks rather different from it’s competition days. We also used it as a test bed for this year’s game, but we took that apart for B&B. One of the students who worked on this bot originally was like " what did you do to my robot!?!

Here I am, a robot with the brain the size of a planet…

– Marvin

My friends told the story of how Godspell was offered to their high school free way back when when it first came out. The composer Stephen Schwartz was an alumni of the school and wanted to offer it for a student production as a gift or something. The school turned it down because it was a little too religious, or too unknown, or something, and at the time it was a small-time off-Broadway production. (Please forgive me, after many years the story is very hazy.) A couple of years later after being more established (and I’m sure at the insistance of the musical committee and every kid in production screaming how stupid they were) the school asked him if they could do it. He turned them down.

The world of the stage is a fickle and cruel place indeed.

I tried to convince our team to have a battle royale between our 06 and 07 bot. Didn’t go over well. :smiley: