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Hey! I recognize that team number and the t-shirts (Beach Cities Robotics – Actually, there are a couple other shirts that I don’t recognize.) I don’t recognize any of the faces, though. Anybody?

Is it just me or does anyone else seem to notice FIRST putting a lot more emphasis on the FLL and FVC than they are on FRC in that flash animation. It just seems like via the animation they are trying to hook more young students into the program, yet they still say their main goal is to get FRC into every high school. While I do understand that through FLL and FVC you can get some students into FRC not that many seem to transfer over, so the strategy behind the flash seems odd, although I do like it.

I like the flash animation. I can’t wait for “The Super Bowl of Smarts”!

I’d agree there… However I think FRC outnumber FVC teams 5:0 here in the UK. We have a few people on our FRC team this year that were on nearby FLL teams last year though. I can’t see there being much change in the balance here; lots of FLL teams and a few FRC teams

I"m surprised the NFL hasn’t said anything about using that term. (Or have they?)
The first time it was used is when we moved to Houston in 2003 and more specifically, Reliant Stadium (home of the 2003 Superbowl) and I thought it was just a one time catch phrase for the event giving the circumstances.

Oh well.

Current Amount of FRC Teams: 1,125
Current Amount of FVC Teams: 200+
Current Amount of FLL Teams: 7,460

Although FIRST may seem like they are favoring FLL and FVC, FLL does outnumber FRC almost 7:1. :ahh:

I like the new flash intro to the FIRST site. I like the retro look… it almost reminds me of an old concert poster. The only problem I have with it (and this goes for the previous intro page as well), is that the color scheme does not match the rest of the page at all. For a page with the FIRST color scheme (of primarily white, with accent colors of red and blue) a big yellow and baby blue retro-style animation in the middle of the page almost seems out of place to me. I think FIRST should try to pick one style/color scheme and stick with it. Either make the page totally formal looking with the red, white, and blue, or make it more colorful and enticing with the bright colors and style of the intro animation.

If I were designing the page, I think I would chose to design the site around the intro animation, and make the whole site more colorful and aesthetically pleasing. I have never really liked the FIRST site in the first place (I’ve always found it difficult to navigate and find what I’m looking for), and I don’t think it is particularly attractive either. I think what I would do is make the whole page color-coordinated, and LESS WHITE. Just like white walls in houses bother me, mostly white web pages are usually kind of boring (although if they are well designed and aesthetically pleasing, they can be nice). Also maybe more Flash should be used for a nicer, cleaner look (although I don’t know if everyone likes Flash). As for the exact color scheme I would use, I think I would go with clean looking light blues and light reds, with bright, primary blues and reds used as accent colors (on hovered links for example). I would also choose nicer fonts, and overall make it look clean, professional, and aesthetically pleasing.

Maybe I should go into web design instead of engineering…

That’s 2 times.


Look for my post.

Did anyone notice that when you mouseover the FRC logo the text at the bottom changes from FIRST Robotics Competition to First Robtics Competition??
Just thought I’d point it out and see how many other people saw it too.