pic: New WAI

My kids on 973 complained about people not being able to take my old WhoAmI seriously (but really, what’s wrong with a Joe Matt Pose?). So, we took a new one. These are the four most attractive members of 973 :wink:

What he fails to mention was how much he had to beg for us to be in the picture with him.

If Adam is one of the most attractive members on 973…The rest of the team ought to be able to scare off the competition. Without a robot.

Wow Thanks Eric… That was completely uncalled for :wink:

And Lucy, the only begging I recall was you begging me to change my WAI.

Don’t worry–you’ll be able to return the comment by the end of March (hopefully):rolleyes:.

oh good lord. that is a rather unfortunate picture of us.

Could be worse. I just wish he’d put up the one with Ryan in it. Would have had to change the caption though.

And Adam, do remember that it took you all of shop to get this picture.

Those girls had better shower soon. I got some Adam on me once; never came off.