pic: New York State FIRST


Here’s the New York State Team map.
The teams in the NYC boroughs and Long Island are pretty thick.

Team 229 looks pretty lonely up there in the frozen north!!!
(Not like there is enough civilization around there to create another team :yikes: )

(Former team 229 member)

We demo’d the robot for the local amish, but they didn’t seem interested in starting a new team. Ahh well.


I hope you didn’t forget to mention that wood is an allowable material and you’re allowed to use springs to store energy. :stuck_out_tongue:

YES, in NYC we are resourceful!
And any material found in a construction disposal bin is good construction material! :wink:

Hint from a Professional Collector:
Scouting for and collecting these valuable raw material is best in the spring and fall season. Summer is too hot and smelly.
I favor alumn. tubing from broken lawn chairs, old lady’s grocery carts and old baby carriages. (wheels baby!) :yikes:
I can’t never pass up a broken lawn mower or a vacuum cleaner.

Yeah, I don’t think the rules specifically state that we must use a battery. Just have a really, really powerful spring. :smiley:

Can the robot controller be adapted to run from steam power?

Interesting. I’m not used to looking at relief maps of New York. It looks to me like, at some time in the past, Lake Erie covered a lot greater area.

I do believe you’re right.

I’ll also guess that’s where they got the “Watertown” name from! :wink:

I’m in Watertown, CT but I’ve never been to Watertown, NY. I know it’s a lot more rural up there than it is here. I wouldn’t be surprised if Lake Erie suddenly swelled up and covered Watertown, NY we wouldn’t know about it for days if not weeks! :yikes:

You mean Lake Ontario. That’s what you get for not visiting me in Rochester :wink:

They should actually call it snowtown. They get nuked in the winter by Lake Onterio. I wonder if there are records of their snow totals. Probably twice more than Syracuse.

I see that there is only 1 team around Binghamton (145). There is a very skilled, untapped resource there. A company called Universal Instruments is headquartered in Binghamton. Universal sells automated production equipment (aka: robotic work cells) for the electronic and semi-conductor industry. The division of Delphi that I work in (Electronics and Safety) buys tons of equipment from them, and they are a world leader in this area.

Go bug, 'em!

Andy B.

This is quite a bit of a tangent but I just wanted to point out that the Amish (specifically, the Old Order Amish; the Beechie Amish will drive cars) have no problem with electricity per se. They do have a problem with relying on an outside source for something. This is why you’ll see some Amish have windmills that power electric generators. However, rubber tires are right out.

I bring this up as I have some Amish heritage (my grandfather was born Amish).


Yeah. What he said. Still, there’s no guarantee I would get the right name even if I came, though. :stuck_out_tongue:

you are going to have to add a few more teams in the rochester area, as we are trying to get as many new teams up and going for the start of the Rochester Regional 2005, Finger Lakes Regional