pic: New Zealand Pit Crew

We hosted 2 New Zealand students at the 2008 World Championship. We tried to get them involved in all aspects of the competition including scouting, awards and of course, Pit Crew. Here they are with Lan (our safety captain) completing our upgrade to 3 lexan ball knockers. It was amazing how quickly they adapted to all the roles and the passion they showed for the whole competition.

Thanks to Joe Menassa for the great picture.
More Championship pictures at http://www.joemenassa.com/robotics2008.html

It is very cool to know the FIRST is spreading and growing before our very eyes. I have a feeling if you told people ten years ago, or even a few years ago, that FIRST was not only going to expand to New Zealand but would actually have a regional there people would have thought you were crazy.

This is what FIRST is all about. Spreading the word of technology all around the world. I’m only glad I get to see it grow.

These guys were soo hard working, and loved to get their hands on the robot. I loved them, I hope to see them all with their sweet kiwi hats in Atlanta next year! Go Kiwis!!!