pic: New Zealander Kiwi Hat

This was the topper to the terrific hats the New Zealand students and mentors wore in Atlanta. MOE was proud to host two students and a mentor from this group. Many other teams hosted as well. Based on what we saw, there will be some great competition in Auckland next year!

Those would probably be the most popular giveaway ever!

I saw those moving through the crowds everywhere in Atlanta and didn’t know what they were or who they were associated with until late Saturday. It was so cool to find out. Some people decked them out in beads and buttons. I think those caps were a definite hit!

Those are the best hats I have ever seen at FIRST (Sorry Pioneers :slight_smile: ).

I think the IRI Quilt Team should add a kiwi to the quilt :slight_smile:


It was kind of funny to see them in crowds because you always knew that that person was from New Zealand. There were a couple times that i went “kiwi hunting” by counting the number of kiwi hats i saw in a crowd…there were quite a few.

Hahaha I want one of these! I agree, it would totally be the best giveaway ever.

Those are the most adorable hats I have ever seen. I think I know which regional I’m going to for 2009. :wink:

We also got to host some Kiwi’s. We had a lot of fun with them and I think they had fun with us too. One match we took the adult out on the field with us. As we were about to go out we realized he wasnt with us anymore. We looked and we found him talking with the people running the equipment behind Einstein! He had a good time.