pic: Newest addition to the 2008 KOP

Well, I guess the cat’s out of the bag…er… bin now.


Kitty Of Parts.

Is that legal? … By US law that would be animal cruelty wouldn’t it? … I don’t think Dean, Dave, or Woodie would do something like that… On top of that we’d have PETA on our backs at every competition and possibly even the FBI/Local Police raid some of our “shops”… On top of that, I doubt a cat or “kitty” contains many good “parts” to build a bot out of…

BUT … I know you didn’t mean it like that Mr. Wong. :wink:

A potential power source, if you can solve the age-old problem of controlling cats. That one is beyond my engineering ability.

We’re going to play with hairballs? :ahh:

YAY!!! Its always good to see FIRST give teams things they need… like the pictured hammer:). eventually they might even start giving out other tools :ahh:

OMG its Toonces the driving cat.
Warning: although Toonces can drive . . hes not very good at it.

Gerbils have long been featured as illegal energy sources in the parts use flowchart–apparently, the specificity was intentional.

PETA? People Eating Tasty Animals? :wink:

OMG! We’re all getting a Technokitten in our kits! Awesome, my team could do with a more ballsy drive system.

I’ve seen this delivish kitten in person and I must say that most people may not want to find one in their KOP come January!! :stuck_out_tongue:

What about mice?
Anyone recall this from Team 114 Eagle Strike’s 2006 AVA Entry?
Sure it was just an, “idea,” but that shows people were thinking about it…
It is only a matter of time.

The purrfect response = eek! (I know, I know - cheesy)

I like this concept, but you should lose the cheese, put the mouse where the cheese used to be, put the cat where the mouse used to be, and enlarge the cage-wheel. Cat-power beats mouse-power.

Will they all be standard issue gray or can we get another color? :smiley:

Perfect! Our mentors are already very experienced at herding cats :slight_smile:

the word catastrophe comes to mind ( no further explanation there)

stick to inflatable clowns…

LMAO!!! I has a bin!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Finally something on these forums truely worth Awwwing at…


HOW CUTE!!! :smiley:

[size=2]Will there be tech support in case this sucker starts acting up? [/size]
How about a free replacement warranty (valid only 9 times)? LOL

And in typical FIRST teaser fashion, only half of the item in question is shown so FIRSTers can speculate whether or not their is more than appears in the bin itself. Will we get a whole cat? Just a cute furry head? Will we be getting a cat-dog hybrid in the kit? What kid of upgrades will be available? Will Andy-Mark sell an alternative??? Will it be included in the final weight during inspection?? What if it eats a lot before competition and raises up our weight class? - Is that just another one of FIRSTs “real world challenges” with the KOP to deal with this year??? The questions go on and on!!! :eek:

What about that pesky rule 8.5.3?

[LEFT]8.3.5 Electrical System Rules[/LEFT]

[LEFT]**<R53> **
**The only legal main source of electrical energy on the ROBOT during the competition is the **12VDC non-spillable lead acid battery provided in the … Kit Of Parts. [/LEFT]

Will that be rewriten to include “Cat” as an alternative power source, or is it just for decoration???

Now I understand why FIRST banned laser pointers a few years back. IN anticipation for this new addition. I know laser pointers make my cats freak out. lol
And no more CMU cam folks, just some good ol’ fashioned Cat Vision!
Dark fields will not be a problem when you have this addition on your bot!

And… you know someone had to say it, but I think this is a sure sign there isn’t going to be a water game.

You thought Water & Electronics didn’t mix?
Try putting the cat in some water, and you’ll see the true definition of an operator error!! :stuck_out_tongue:

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Too much thinking about this!!!
Must learn secret of teaser!!!

Hmm… must find audio clip of Kitty Cats now to play at the start of a match this year, or a dog barking. lol

Maybe even something by Cat Stevens? :rolleyes:

From a technical aspect, won’t you have corrosion problems if you try welding felines to aluminum? :eek: