pic: NI cRIO-FRC at Manufacturing in Hungary 3

Sea of cRIO controllers in Hungary!

Is this legal? None the less, its awesome, and hype just got +10 for this season.

Gorgeous. Just Gorgeous.

Its like looking into a candy store. :frowning:

It’s the Attack of the Clones! National Instruments style! :ahh:


Now, that is what I call mass producing. LOL.

They are not all clones, atleast one has its modules in a different order. I am sure everyone can find it if they look. AM has me looking for Easter Eggs in manufacturing photos now :slight_smile:

I hear that there is a “Magic Eye” in the robber dots on the panel rails in one of the pictures…

I can’t wait to take mine home and teach it to walk and talk. Of course all of this will be captured on shaky home videos and pictures stored away in a box so that when they bring their homecoming date home we can embarrass them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, now that im done making fun of parents, wicked cool!

I’m sorry for the language, but that’s sexy.

In my “other life” I have a energy monitoring system that I designed, and my wife actually assembles them for me. When I last revised the PCB I decided to add a little message to her.


Imagine her surprise :slight_smile: