pic: NiagaraFIRST Teaser

The one and only teaser we’ll be releasing before ship. Look for more pictures prior to the Great Lakes Regional…

Karthik releasing a teaser?! :eek:

Looking forward to great things from you guys again this year, your robots last year were amazing. Hopefully we will give you a better run for your money this year in Mississauga and Waterloo?

oh and do I smell a holonomic drive system with those DeWalt transmissions? :yikes:

I rebuilt the engine in my first car (68VW) and Im certain the motor contained less parts than that! :ahh:

why the heck do you have the back cover off six drills???
look at the drill here if you have no idea what i am talking about

niagra first is 3-6 teams i belive i want to say 3 so 2 per bot!?!?

btw cant wait to see the finished product!

Because they’re only using the drill transmissions.

are they building triplets again

are they building triplets again

Most likely. Karthik can’t wait to see you guys in action.

Looks like evidence of SWERVE to me. Sprockets to turn the wheels, bearing surfaces, and mounts. 4 NBD transmissions to drive the wheels and 2 NBDs to rotate them.

Or maybe I’m just losing it and see evidence of SWERVE in every part teaser at this point.

Are those orange objects at the top of the frame - dare I say it - TAPE MEASURES?!

OH NO! It’s 2002 all over again :ahh:

Oh wait, there it is…

<G09>… If any part of the ROBOT is touching the carpet, the ROBOT is not considered on the platform.

Phew! Close one!

Say… what if you blocked your opponent’s platform and used a tape measure / tether to make sure your robot couldn’t be counted as “on the platform”? :smiley:

Joel’s on to something here. New for this year, the teams of NiagaraFIRST will feature a special autonomous position system which consists of the gyro to measure heading, and 4 tape measures which extend out all sides of the robot. Then using 4 independent CMU cams, we read the numbers off the tape measures, accurately acquiring our location on the field. Good catch Joel.

There is that minor inconvenience of the 60" expansion rule …

Other slight issue with this is that most tape measures are metal. No metal on carpet rule. I don’t have a rule book handy so I can’t quote a rule but I believe its R 35ish maybe.

No metal traction devices, actually. And <R35> is the bumper rule.

Yes but there is a no metal touching the carpet, I could have sworn it. Anyways, I am getting my rules confused. Yesterday I was dealing with 35 a lot as we went to get our materials to make bumpers. Gotta love going into a pool place and asking for 15 pool noodles in the middle of winter. They give you really wierd looks.

Oh well. Shot down, it seems. It was just a thought that came to me as I was chuckling to myself about the 2002 tether debacle.

On a related note, is it still legal to pin an opponent on your platform for the entire match?

More amazing than the sheer quantity of robot parts is the number of tape measures visible and ready for use.

It would take a good hour long search party to find half that amount hidden around our lab. :wink:

Heh. On Sunday, I found my metric tape measure which has been missing since PNW last year. I suspect a mentor toolbox (even though it had my name tape on it…)

I usually have to beat people away with tetras to get my hands on a tape measure in our shop. It’s soooo unorganized, and we only have four that your never quite sure what they’re under.