pic: NICA F.! (wai!)

more than half a year since the last one, so I decided it would be okay to put a new one up. :slight_smile:
(not a grease proof dress,but i’m getting there :wink: )

Go Boilers, all I’m going to say. Welcome to Purdue Monica! BOILER UP!

Boiler up! :slight_smile:
Can’t wait to get to know the PurdueFIRST teams. I hope to help one next year…

A new WAI? What hapened to waiting like 10 months? Jeez way to lie to me.

I havent had a new one in 7 months… didnt i say 6 not 10 anyways? :stuck_out_tongue:

Wellllll in all actuality you said you weren’t gonna have a new one for like a year. But yeah I guess six months is close enough. Wonder how many views this one will get.

Please don’t bring that up. haha