pic: Nice, Jabba, but what is it for?

I left the lab door open again, and Jabba got in. Before I could stop him he had finished this aluminum part. I wonder what it is for?

Looks like a tensioner. Nice job.

Well, knowing it’s Jabba it must be a thumb screw. :rolleyes:

Looks like a nutcracker to me.

Nice bolt tensioner. Judging by the ruler, this is made to pull a 1/2inch shaft, held by two standard bearings. So where’s the spacer between the bearings?

I like how jabba sits on lego :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice free advertising for Hurst Motors… and Skywalker Ltd… and LEGO… :rolleyes:


So which one can take the most Force:p

That made my day! Hooray for geeky humor

It looks like something similar to this picture posted a few days ago. Nice job! Let us know how it works out!

Will we be seeing Jabba again before build season begins?

Before I tossed him out of the lab, Jabba managed to hack into my computer and place an order for some materials. His work above has tickled my curiosity, so I will (probably) let him back in when the stuff arrives. If he makes anything interesting, I’ll post it here.