pic: Ninja Munkees Teaser #2

Any guesses about what those Munkees could be up to?

Cutting holes in the disks and painting the outsides in glow-in-the-dark orange paint before launching them, obviously.

HEY! It’s the Ninja Munkees! :smiley: I am the driver from Up Next! It was great to be in the winning alliance with you last year at Oklahoma! I wonder what the Tron picture means…hmmm.

I think we need a bigger CLU than this…

The third member of the Ninja Chickens Up Next will miss you in Oklahoma this year 3528! We’re excited to come back though and possibly team up with the Ninja Munkees again

I’m going to guess some sort of suction cup like mechanism, attached to a spinning arm… It let’s go at a determined angle ans speed, to send the disc flying. Am I close?

We will miss you all too! Oklahoma is such a great regional! I hope to see you both at world too! :slight_smile: