pic: Nitrous Oxide

1110 decided we needed a little extra kick in speed.

Did you hot glue your regulator? :ahh:

Looks pretty good, though you could have gotten read of a lot of brass. :stuck_out_tongue:

whats with the hot glue? or what ever that stuff is?
and seems you are going to multiposition?
not quite done it seems lol what are those 3 switches at the top left do?
and where are you takeing the exhausts? i understand up to the single solenoid to multi position but after that, are you going to blow air into your motors or sumthing?
looks nice but you have your double in the center. which might mean itll take a longer tube to connect to your cylider. which means more waste. you want the tubes from your solenpid to your cylinders as short as you can. for efficiency.

Looks like they used a dremel and popped some holes in the lexan/plexi. A hole saw would of been much cleaner, but I suppose functionality prevails :stuck_out_tongue:

multi positioning woot woot
we got 2 goin they are kick $@#$@#$@#

Yeah, we just used a drill press on the lexan, its not hot glue.

Those switches will set our autonomous mode when we place the robot on the field.