pic: NJ- How to test the shooter.

Kids don’t try this at home. Remember he is a professional target.

I wanna see the after shot of him hunched over in pain when that plastic bin breaks(also incluse the shot of every one asking if hes ok for the GP)

Very funny, great shot of Mr. Siegel, Rich!!
I’ve gotta see how that actually goes in real life, and definitely will keep an eye out for it in 3 weeks at NYC…


Here’s a true mentor for you. Rather than making one of his students do it, he’s been preparing for this day since 2003 with the stack attack bin. Who needs to lie on nails or break boards when you can test your toughness by taking shots at 12 m/s point blank from your Regional Finalist Robot? Great work to Mike and the 375 crew. We’ll be looking forward to playing with you guys at NY.

WOW that is safe. lmao

I thought something was up with my robots traction. So I decided to test it in the best way I knew how. I braced myself up against it and told the drivers to nail it. A long story short, the belts were loose and I won. :slight_smile: The robot and I have yet to have a repeat match, this time I don’t think it would be pretty.

I did that last year… We kinda burned some holes in our carpet that the mentors never noticed…