pic: No plywood this year for Team 3355!

No plywood this year for Team 3355. This is a milestone for our team coupled with the fact we actually were driving and WENT to the practice day for the first time in our young history. GREAT JOB TO MY SOPHOMORE PURPLE VIPERS!

If there’s one thing I love to see, it’s teams that are improving and getting better.

Great job to you folks for using COTS parts and getting away from plywood!
Good luck on your season.


dang with the great qualities of plywood I would not necessarily say going to aluminum is a step up. Wood is infinitely more workable by most anybody, has great properties including that it does not conduct electricity and can be glued, screwed and machined by methods that most teams have including hand tools.
I have been trying to get our team to explore it more.
Not that I have a bias. I hand built a 20 ft center console fishing boat from plywood 15 years ago and it still looks like new.

For a moment, I thought I was looking at our robot. Plenty of differences, but the same structure.

Plywood is used in creative ways by a number of top-tier teams for its strength and rigidity. However, if all of your plywood usage was of the “easiest way” rather than “best way”, then getting off of plywood is a good thing.

I will absolutely give you props for trying something new, but different isn’t always better. Make sure you use the right material for the job!
Although someone may be working on the perfect material as we speak…

No plywood = good team? Guess we missed that message this year. But it sounds like you guys are improving which is great.

4183 will be in deep trouble if that were true.:smiley:


Great work Steve !

I look forward to seeing the Purple Viper in person :eek:

Thanks Lynca and to all! This is by far the coolest team with which I’ve been associated since we began. They swarm to the robot when there’s an issue and swarm to resolve it quickly and professionally. I’m looking for us to be competitive this year. Come on by and meet us! Team 3355-Purple Vipers

Sounds like fun!

We’re not only using your leftover plywood, we also screwed a few 2x4s into our robot.

Great personal mile stone. I known my milestone for my team was not using 80/20 if we could avoid it (ex: linear rails). Happy to say we did it. Hope your year is stacked in your favor. :slight_smile:

But the first year (I know for sure) that we used wood on our robot, we finally qualified for MSC. The next year, we added some wood as a fix (to replace the emergency sharpie), and finished finalists and qualified for MSC and CMP. This year, we again have some wood crosses fingers.